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Behance Action Book

So remember how I posted a while ago about being a little obsessed with productivity toosl and I was excited about the Behance Action Book I ordered? Well it arrived a couple weeks ago and I figured it was about time to do a little update.

I actually ordered 8 of the books and gave one to our senior pastor (he's pretty creative and I thought he'd appreciate trying out the book too) and I'm planning on giving them to some ministry volunteers too. So when they arrived there was a little drool that came out of the corner of my mouth when I opened the box.

So what do I think of the thing? So far, so good! It is pretty much as advertised. The cover is indeed "suede-to-the-touch" (I know you were wondering, Rich!) and the pages are set up well for me to take notes freely during a meeting and be able to direct my thoughts to certain locations on the pages.

The only downside so far is that I find the the grids on the pages to be just about the wrong size - they're too close together for me to write on every "line" (although there are no actual lines on the page) but too far apart to use every other line. So as guidelines for writing, they're pretty useless.

The orange "Action Steps" boxes on the right are super handy and I'm having lots of fun keeping my on-going checklists in one spot.

All in all, if you're looking for a nice looking way to keep your thoughts organized and want to go a little low tech, this thing is definitely a great option. And if you come up here and lead one of our ministry teams, you might end up with one for free! :)