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Easter Sunday - April 8

What a day! What a celebration! How could you not be pumped on a day when you know that a whole whack of people will be in your building and this is probably one of maybe two times that they'll step in to a church this year?!!?

Knowing this, we did something different and decided to begin a series on Easter Sunday. Over the past couple months our staff has been talking to people in our community - friends, neighbours, waitresses, mechanics - and asking them what they really - like rrrrreeeeally - want out of life. We got lots of answers - happiness, money, vacation, etc - but we were able to boil the answers down to four basic categories - love, purpose, significance and security.

So we launched the series on Sunday titled "Dear God, I have a question" and began with "Does anybody really love me?"

Producing a service that was focused on celebrating the resurrection as well as building around this idea of the need for love was a really great challenge and I think we pulled it off very well. We were video-heavy this week and the band pulled the songs off 100%!

Here's our list -
Video - Easter Drawing
Everlasting God - Brenton Brown & Ken Riley
Christ The Lord Is Risen Today - Charles Wesley
In Christ Alone - Keith Getty & Stuart Townend
Our God Reigns ("up from the grave" verse & choruses) - Leonard Smith

Video - I Am Loved
Your Love Is Amazing - Brenton Brown & Brian Doerksen
Because of Your Love - Paul Baloche & Brenton Brown

God So Loved - Reuben Morgan

In the middle of that first set I read a couple of verses of 1 Corinthians 15. The "In Christ Alone"/"Our God Reigns" package was incredible - the response from the congregation during the last half was amazing. People's hands were raised, their voices were going full blast - we really were in the presence of God singing His praise and just celebrating the fact that He is victorious and conquering.