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Introductions and all that..

So here we go.. I've attempted this blog thing a few times before and it's never worked - I think mostly because I never really knew what I wanted to do with the stupid thing.. But after giving this some thought I think I've come to a good spot about jumping on the blog-wagon..

A little about me..

I'm 29.. Married for almost 4 years.. I've got one daughter and another one on the way in a few monhts.. My house is becoming overrun by females.. I'm afraid of what that means for me 15 years from now.. I'm on staff at a church in Orangeville, Ontario as the worship director.. I was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario and love going back there to visit friends - although it doesn't happen as often as I'd like..

I'm a big fan of music and get very excited about discovering a new artist before anyone else does.. John Mayer, Jason Mraz and Matt Wertz were in my CD player before any of my friends had heard of them.. I have not had any recent discoveries but mostly that's because I'm old and I don't listen to the radio..

I don't think I own a CD player anymore - except for the one in my minivan.. Yes, I own a minivan.. Cue the laughing now.. It's actually a very masculine minivan.. A man-ivan, if you will..

I'm hopeless when it comes to remembering things - especially names, appointments and significant dates.. It is for this reason that I have a computer to run my life.. If I don't write something down immediately it is forgotten before I take my next breath.. Honestly, I'm hopeless..

Funn thing, though, is that if I meet someone I can tell them when we met, who they were with, sometimes what they were wearing, what we were doing, what we were eating, what we talked about - but there is ZERO chance that I will remember their name.. I've learned to just confess my ineptitude right up front and the conversation usually goes much better from there!

I play guitar - acoustic almost exclusively.. I've got a nice little collection which drives my wife more than a little bit crazy.. I'm hoping to condense the guitar population in the house this summer and come out the other side with just one guitar that will bring me joy and happiness and lucky charms the rest of my life.. Guitars can do that, can't they??

I also play piano.. I did the whole classical training thing growing up and actually spent a year at university in the piano performance program.. One year was enough of that.. So I switched my major to religion & culture and life was much better after that.. University is also where I met my wife, attended my first (and only) Toronto Raptors game and spent some good time honing my Playstation skills..

So that should be a good chunk of stuff to chew on.. I'm actually going to post again right now with the first of what will be the standard type of thing I use this site for - just recapping the past Sunday morning and talking a little about why we did what we did..

LOVE the name of your blog! Great to meet you at re:create. I apologize for the horrid lack of hockey knowledge at our dinner the other night. I do know my hometown's team name "Sharks" and will certainly be more informed next time we meet. Sorry for us in the US and our lack of hockey spirit...and all that...

Welcome back to the 'sphere, Chris. Rich was right: it was great meeting you in TN. I'm looking forward to your ideas on worship design.

The "man-ivan" comment is hilarious. Clearly you're not yet old enough to have come to easy terms with your aging. Don't worry, man. You're still cool.

Man, I was wondering if I'd ever bump into you again, and here you are...

I used to follow Esoteric around Eastern Ontario when ever you guys came anywhere close to Ottawa. I actually just listened to a few tracks last night.

Love the blog, think it's gonna be one of my new "homes"

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