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What a day!

So I don't have the full recap yet (mostly because I want to gather some photos to show you what an amazing thing our volunteers pulled off this week!) but let me say that Sunday was pretty much one of the greatest corporate worship times I've ever been a part of.

To see kids, students and families pledging their commitment to the vision God has given us as a church and agreeing to support that vision with their time, their talents and their treasure for the next several years was a pretty emotional experience. To have the honour of leading people in praise and worship of our great and glorious God on that day was something that I hope I never take for granted.

One of the hilights of the service was definitely Marc Eckel who came all the way from Indiana to be with us. His painting was beautiful and the presentation really was an act of worship which inspired an amazing response from the congregation.

I will post later this week with a full re-cap of the service and why it was so memorable.

I look forward to the pics. We're about seven weeks away from the same thing, so any ideas or pointers you have for me would be most welcome.

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