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Sunday, March 11 Recap

So I mentioned last week that I was excited about what we were doing on Sunday morning but didn't give too many details. I don't get excited like Perry Noble does, but that's okay - God made us all different.

As we've been working through this series of Generous Living I've been really challenged to think about my motivation for giving - do I give because I have lots? do I give because I expect God to reward me? do I give because I want other people to enjoy what I've got too? Earl's message on Sunday was basically this - we give because we are gripped by the grace of God. Simple. Awesome. Life-changing, no?

So as a picture of this grace being at the centre of what we do, we wanted to set up our auditorium in a way that people would recognize this in our service on Sunday. At OBC we typically share communion on the second Sunday of each month so it perfect with our service this week.

Normally our auditorium looks like this - pretty typical audience/stage setup:

Here's a few pictures of how we did things on Sunday -

Basically we centred the whole room around our communion table. Looking at these pictures it makes me realize that we must be good Baptist - doesn't matter how you set the chairs up, nobody will ever sit in the front row :)

We had our musicians - keys, guitar, drums, bass, one vocalist - on the front part of our stage (you can see me playing keys in the second photo) and then three additional vocalists in with the congregation basically between each section of chairs. I was really impressed with how well our musicians pulled it off - it isn't very easy to be separated like this and be able to maintain a consistent sound throughout the whole service but I thought it went great. Having the vocalists in with the congregation allowed everyone who was seated to have someone to look at.

Instead of using our normal projection, we printed songsheets with lyrics for all of the songs. This made some of our people happy cause they thought it was a step closer to going back to hymnals :)

Here's our songlist -

Sunday, Marh 11, 2007 - "Generous Living"
2 Corinthians 8:1-5
Holy Is The Lord - Chris Tomlin & Louie Giglio
Holy, Holy, Holy - John Dykes & Reginald Heber

There Is No One Else Like You - Robin Mark
Shout To The Lord - Darlene Zschech

Offering - Paul Baloche
May The Words Of My Mouth - Tim Hughes & Rob Hill

Great look with Table in the center. Very nice. I have found that unexpected variety brings needed freshness to worship, no matter how you manage it. I'm sure it was an awesome Sunday.

Also, nice new blog layout. Very clean.

Yeah - we don't want to be "different" just for the sake of being different but in this case the form really fit the function.

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