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Link - How Canadians Can Save the American Church

From Monday Morning Insight - link

Definitely an interesting post and the beginnings of some interesting discussion. Hey Mark - maybe our conversation was a little prophetic?

The American church is desperately in need of help if we are going to have any reasonable chance to do mission among Pre, Post, and Semi Christians in emerging culture. Some of that assistance might just come from north of the border.

Great article, and dead-on accurate, as far as I'm concerned. I do think Canada is culturally ahead of us in the unfolding of postmodern Western Culture.

Chris, maybe you could refresh me about your Canadian advice to the American church; my memory tells me it was a warning about chasing trends and fads. A needed word.

I don't know if I said this the night of our conversation, but I think if the American Church could say something to the Canadian church, from my perspective, it would be "Be willing to be friends with us." Realizing it may take more patience for you, and more humility for us to make it happen.

For reasons the article stated and others, I find Canadian perspective to be valuable. Just one of the reasons, Chris, I'm glad you're my friend, and I'm glad you're blogging.

Carry on!

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