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Krazee Arts Camp

Alright readers - time to ask for prayer.

In exactly 9 hours we will begin seeing kids arrive for our first EVER Krazee Arts Camp. If you want an idea of what this camp is all about, here's a little visual game.




That's right. Skydancers plus peacocks plus children equals Krazee Arts Camp.
Needless to say, I need you to pray. About 75% of the kids coming to this camp are from families who have little or no connection whatsoever to our church. They just responded to well-designed marketing and some nice-looking promotional material!! Hopefully we've designed a camp that will blow their socks off and will encourage them to check out some of our other programs. And hopefully the FREE STARBUCKS comin' their way when they get here tomorrow will be a nice little treat.
Pray for me as I do the talks each day to tell these kids three things they need to hear - God created you, God loves you, God wants a relationship with you.
We are pumped up!!